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Content is King

 For many years you have heard the phrase "Content is King". This is true even today, content is still king. When building a website that you want to have natural organic rankings it is a must that the site have rich unique content. It does not matter what you do if you do not have content to offer. You can still get great rankings without the content but when the search engines see your bounce rate due to visitors not finding what they want those rankings that magically appeared will also magically disappear. 

With a paid SEO package at Blackwood Productions you get professionally written content pages that will be added to your site through our SEO Plugin.  Your site will gain these pages at a rate of 1 content page per keyword you have active within the SEO Plugin service. These content pages will help fill that void or lack of content that you may currently have and help push your site to the top of the ranking results.

You can also use the plugin to easily add your own content pages or blogs at anytime. It is actually much easier to add new content pages to your site using our plugin then it is to do it the traditional way that you are used to with your current hosting providers.

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A good content writer is someone who can write and provide you with any type of well-written content, the essence of which is unique and engaging.

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