Hello and welcome to our new home (URL: blackwood.productions, site design, help desk). We here at Blackwood Productions have been hard at work to bring to our clients the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Software as a Service (SaaS) possible. We have not only moved to a new URL with a new site design but, we have also been hard at work updating and upgrading our SEO Plugin services. We have always been pioneers when it comes to SEO. We were utilizing the “cloud” in our services before there ever was something called the “cloud”. These newest updates and features will ensure that you have control of your SEO campaigns and can pin point areas that may need your attention.

Not all of our updates have been added to our services yet as they will be rolling out here and there as we get them completed. With our biggest update coming soon, the Word Press Plugin. You will soon be able to find our SEO plugin within the Word Press Plugin Directory, where you will be able to install our services to any Word Press site with a click of your mouse.  This and many more features are being added daily such as the new User Account Management Dashboard that will give you all the information you need about your website.

We encourage you to visit our new blog and Forum and bookmark them so you can come back. The new blogs will keep you posted on the latest news while the Forums are meant to help everyone with the marketing they need to have a successful online business. So if you have marketing questions, please post them here in the Forum and if you see a post in the Forum that is unanswered and you know the answer please respond to help people out. We are trying to create a friendly SEO community that everyone new and veteran can enjoy… Thank you!

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